GG's Second Litter

GG had her second litter of nine on Saturday, December 1st. The delivery of this litter was as smooth as it could have been. It began on a weekend at 1:00 when both my wife and I were home. Each puppy was born healthy, breathing and about the same size. GG was so big right before she popped. We really felt bad for her towards the end of her pregnancy.

Here she is as a proud mom.

To make things easier for us to care for GG and her litter, I over engineered this doggie condo off our patio. The thing has a heated floor, is insulated, has dual puppy cams, a custom whelping box, an inside and outside litter box, 5 heat lamps, dual temp sensors, a fan, a slanted roof for the crazy storms we get here in Florida, is totally enclosed with metal fencing, has a way to lock all the puppies inside need be, has a heavy duty tarp floor for ease of cleaning, and a top bed for GG when she wants a break from the puppies.

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