Our dogs have a central place in our home both literally and metaphorically. They are just so cute and lovable. We joke that our dogs are in love with us, always close to their people. They don't bark, are quite calm indoors, shed relatively little, are crate trained, respond well to commands including: crate, bed, stay, out, and go potty, so we do our best to reward them with weekly dog park visits, regular baths, teeth brushing and scaling, dog beds in most rooms in our house, and a custom piece of dog furniture located in the middle of our house for them all to lounge on. We feed them chicken flavored Purina Pro Plan for sensitive stomachs dog food and raw veggies including romaine lettuce, squash, and carrots. For flea and worm prevention we trust Trifexis



Merca, Mr. Princess, OD


Tank-Er-Bell, Rino

Dino the Dinosaur

Mercury is our first whippet. He was just a puppy when my wife and I were dating, but it didn't take long for Merc to be just as responsive to me as my wife. He is an absolute sweetheart. His quirks include not being trustable in the kitchen, an affinity for licking Dino's eyes, 

and hoarding all the dog toys. It's too bad we decided to get 

him neutered before we considered  showing whippets, because he matured into a wonderful breed standard dog.

Dino was a Christmas present to me from my wife while we were still dating. Part of me thinks she got me Dino so maybe she could get Mercury back. lol Dino was a feisty puppy turned total lover /athlete dog. His quirks include being ultra competitive, our fastest, a gentleman to lady dogs, and being part kangaroo. We first got into showing dogs because I refused to get him neutered. I guess I'm my dog's best friend / wingman. 

GG was given to us by our

breeder once she saw how well our boys were taken care of. GG is our least lazy dog and most love needy dog. She fits the European standard of a whippet, petite, refined features, and a smooth curved backline. Her quirks include a love for being chased, non-aggressive 

jealously, and competitive eater. GG is also our toughest dog, by far. The boys are babies by comparison.